Game Overview & Tips

Start the game by choosing a country in which the disease will start.

Different countries have different advantages over others. Island nations will be harder to infect and land-locked countries will share the disease with neighboring countries more easily. Also wealthier nations will be more difficult to infect than poorer nations. Nations with seaports or airports will also transmit the disease to other countries more easily.

Spread your disease.

The object of the game is to infect and then kill people by evolving your disease at the right time with the right traits to make it as effective as it can possibly be. To evolve your disease you must use DNA points. DNA points are acquired by popping the red or the yellow bubbles that appear on the screen. They usually appear with a sound effect accompanying them.

Take advantage of what is happening in the world

This is done by watching the newscast banner at the top of the screen and any other news banners that pop up such as notices for bird migrations, etc that you might take advantage of to help spread your disease.

Be aware of the infected/healthy/dead ration.

You win the game by killing off the entire population. If you kill people off too soon you will lose because you will run out of infected people to get the healthy people sick. You can track this ratio in the “world” tab on the lower right corner of the screen.

When research starts, slow or stop it.

Once research starts, blue planes will start flying between countries. These are research teams trying to stop the disease. When a blue bubble appears pop it, this will help slow research. Other ways to slow research is to make your disease more lethal. You can also make your disease hardened, more drug resistant, or evolve new strains. These are unlocked by spending DNA points in the Symptoms or Abilities tab.