These are the labels we use below and their meanings:

  • Banner – A popup message
  • Transmission, Symptom, or Ability – What we changed in each category
  • Random – A random disease mutation, sometimes we devolve it, sometimes not


Disease Type: Bacteria     Level: Brutal    Beginning Country: S. Africa

Strategy - Our strategy for this level is to infect the entire population first, then ramp up the lethality and wipe out the population before research can find a cure.
Here’s how we played this level:
  • Pop all yellow/red bubbles that appear
  • Banner - London Olympics Planned, DNA count @ 40 (none spent yet)
  • Transmission – Air 1, Bird 1, Livestock 1
  • Random - Insomnia mutation – devolved
  • Set game to play double time (tap on clock in upper right corner, select the double arrow for faster game play)
  • Banner - Ships use sterilizing cleaning techniques – will need to activate WATER1 to infect ships now.
  • Transmission – Water 1 (lets ships be infected again)
  • Devolve random insomnia mutation
  • Banner - Scientists increase understanding of fever
  • Abilities – Cold Resistance 1 & Bacterial Resilience 1
  • Devolve rash symptom mutation
  • Pop bubbles as they appear
  • Banner - High levels of bird migration expected
  • Transmission – Bird 2 (spreads disease faster with bird migrations)
  • Devolve random Cysts mutation
  • Abilities – Heat Resistance 1
  • Devolve random Coughing mutation
  • DNA @ 148 on 27-6-2014
  • At this point you wait for the disease to spread for awhile
  • Devolve random Insomnia mutation
  • Abilities – Cold Resistance 2 & Bacterial Resilience 2
  • Only countries not infected Finland, Greenland, Sweden
  • DNA @ 129 22-9-2014
  • This part takes awhile, even on fast forward, just waiting for the disease to spread.
  • Devolve Rash
  • Abilities – Drug Resistance 1 – helps spread in wealthy countries
  • Not spreading fast enough, Abilities – Drug Resistance 2
  • Devolve random Rash mutation
  • No Healthy People Left 24-7-2015
  • DNA @ 104 (with no healthy people left we activate severe symptoms to start killing off the population)
  • Evolve Anaemia, Haemophilia, Internal Hemorrhaging, Hemorrhagic Shock, Necrosis (this one can be huge because decomposed bodies remain a source of transmission), Tumors, Cysts… The most deadly symptoms are on the lower right corner of the screen. 20 DNA left after this
  • Banners - UK starts to work on cure, New minor disease spreading, First Death in Finland, Italy shuts down airports, Global Research focused on cure
  • Deaths start stacking up and DNA increases more rapidly
  • Banners – Madagascar begins to break down
  • Abilities – Genetic Hardening 1, Genetic hardening 2, DNA @ 10 (these are to help slow the cure effort)
  • Banners – Global Concern over Ethereal, Indonesia leading global cure effort
  • Abilities – Genetic Reshuffle 1
  • Pop any blue bubbles that appear
  • Banners – New Guinea in Anarchy
  • Abilities – Genetic ReShuffle 2
  • As soon as you have enough DNA points again, keep enhancing the resistance abilities to slow the cure research. Research will slow dramatically as the population drops.
  • Banners – USA President taken ill, Ethereal to eradicate humans
  • VICTORY, DNA points @ 20, Disease cure research at 55%, score 8830